CDAP (Custom Designed Architectural Products)


Custom Designed Architectural Products (CDAP) are the products that are designed according to specific customer requirements by choosing the right manufaturers and quality materials.
CDAP are used by discerning clients in high-end commercial and residential projects around the world. CDAP offers superior quality products with unique designs and are not mass-produced.
CDAP are often priced at a premium due to their exclusivity and high quality.
Examples of CDAP include

  • Stainless steel handrail pipes & Fittings.
  • Bronze Doors, Windows, Handrails, Castings, and Interior and Exterior decorations.
  • Door hardware.
  • Custom designed handles.
  • Aluminum castings for decoration and architectural purpose.
  • Shower door fittings.
  • Stainless steel decorative sheets for interiors, lift decoration and exterior facades.
  • Perforated metal panels for interior/exterior decoration and roofing panels.
  • Decorative Glass (Acid Etched/Pattern Laminated/Fabric laminated/Marble Glass composites, Cast glass)
  • Cast glass furniture & glass wash basins.

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