In 1934, the first electric winch was invented by Fixator in France. Fixator Asia Co., Ltd, was established on Feb.22th, 2005 in Shanghai. We inherited the top advanced technique from the headquarters in France, which exceed over 80 years in height access system and we are constantly devoting to develop new product in height access system.

Through two years’ exploiting in local market, our product has been distributed in many field and it has been adopted in world-famous government’s projects, such as World Financial Center, Three Gorges Dam, YanTai-TangShan Wind farm and so on. Our attendance to international construction equipment also leads us to establish steady cooperation relationship with partners around the world.

Our Three Characteristics



Perfect ideal produce adaptable project planning. According to the project environment supplied by customer, we suppose each possible project we can do.


Professional theory create high quality product. Combine with our over 80 years experience on producing suspended platform and customer’s demands, we confirm each technical data on product.


Exquisite producing and strict organizing cause high quality product. Any faulted product will not be allowed to pass to another operation. We believe quality is the life of our product.

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